Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mixin' it up!

Hey everyone!

So, Ive been working on a few new things. One, I've been trying to finish ome orginal songs that I've written to get up for you guys. Second, I've been trying to learn some more material for youu. And threeeee, I've been mixing some songs togther, kinda like this one up here of Justin Bieber and Jesse McCartney. Let me know what you guys think about the mix.

Also, if you guys have any requests, please let me know on twitter or on my youtube!I would love to hear what you guys think or what you all are listening to right now. Another thing, if you all are using my tutorials, which cover would you like in a tutorial next? Let me know!

Last thing, I was thinking of doing a blog TV sometime soon so let me know when a good day is for you all!

Stay tuned!

Jennifer Lauren

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hey Everyone!

So I posted a new video today with my cover of "much better" by the Jonas Brothers, but I wanted to tell you all more about the concert here! So my best friend and I woke up that morning so excited to see the Jonas Brothers! But before the JoBros, it was off to see the Honor Society. Like you all know, I saw them in New York City, which was amazing. Actually, when I went to go see them, I go to write an article for Seventeen.com (http://www.seventeen.com/fun-stuff/17-buzz/jessie-james-and-honor-society-concert?click=main_sr) which I thought was pretty cool so check that out!

Anyways, they were amazing and we got to meet them! they were all so sweet too! I was really most excited to meet my future boyfriend Alex Noyes, soo cute! I told them about the article I wrote and they knew which one I was talking about! They were like "yeaahh we read that!" Freaking out at this point.

Then it was on to Jonas! When we were being showed to our seats, we knew they were good because we were on the floor, but we didnt know how good! WE WERE TOUCHING THE STAGE! My best friend and I began to completely freak out screaming and jumping for about 15 min!

The concert began and was amazing from start to finish! There were lights, and rain, and foam and those amazing JoBros. Could not have been better!

Check out the pics in my vid! You'll feel like you were right in the action!

Stay tuned!

Jennifer Lauren

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

random blogging... :)

Hi everyone!

So school has started for me (which is where I am right now!) and its back to the ol' gride! lol Im thinking of doing a blogTV soon since I havnt done one in a while. Im in the process of finding a better place of lighting in my house for my videos. If you saw my last video, you can see how stinky the quality is! But Im working on it! lol

Hope everyone is doing great! I have some other things to update you all on but that will be in my next blog when Im on my other computer! Some cool pics and videos to upload I think you'll all enjoy!

Stay Tuned!

Jennifer Lauren