Monday, June 29, 2009

Its Monday, which means its stinky because its the beging of the week but amazing because the BACHLORETTE IS ON!

Hey guys!

So its Monday. I feel like Monday should be like a national 1/2 work-school day. It a day that everyone is just lazy! I mean, thats just how I feel. But on the other hand, I love mondays, well monday nights. My favorite TV, the Bachlorette is on! This makes me so excited! If you guys are watching it, id hope your favorite is Kipton! Hes my favorite and is soooo cute! Who is your favorite?

Tonight Im planning on doing another video for you guys so get pumped! A tutorial is coming this week, so get your guitars out and your singing voices warmed up! I got some requests to do Demi Lovato's "this is me" so let me know if thats the first one you want me to do. You guys can just twitter me!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!!

Stay tuned!! xoxo
Jennifer Lauren

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