Friday, June 26, 2009

Yesterdays day for videos-not so much...

Hey guys!

So its around 12:15 and I am still laying around in bed! Yesterday, me and my roommate Elle had prepared to have a "video filming day". This pretty much consists of getting ready, preparing what to film, filming, editin and posting. It seemed like none of this got done or went wrong! I felt like the entire day was somewhat wasted! By the time I got a video up, half my head was cut off and it was horrible! With that said, I promise to post an actually good video today!!

Is anyone watching the bachlorette? Its my favorite show right now and me and my roommate actually rewatch the episods whn were bored! Kipton is my fave! How about you guys?

Hope everyone has an amazing day! I know I will! Some of my best friends are coming into town this weekend so it should be fun!

Stay tuned! xoxo

Jennifer Lauren

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