Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Celebrity Night in NYC!

Hey Everyone!

So tonight I went to dinner with some friends to Justin Timberlake's resturant, "Southern Comfort", which was really good! So my friends and I were about to finish dinner when one of my friends says "isn't that the girl from privlaged?" (Privlaged was a hit show on the CW about a tutor girl in Palm Beach, Fl)
So, after dinner, I walked up to her and said "are you Joanna Garcia from Privlaged?!"
She was so sweet and told us that Privlaged was not going to be airing anymore. As upset as I was about that, she told me what she was up to in the city. She is going to be on Gossip Girl this season! Can't wait to see that!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Stay tuned!

Jennifer Lauren


  1. omg privilege ended?! im soo upset! that was one of my favorite shows =(
    thats really cool that you met her though!

  2. i loved that show. so sad its not going to continue :(