Friday, July 10, 2009

Sight Seeing!

Hey Everyone,

So yesterday I put up my tutorial of Taylor Swift's "White Horse", so if you havnt watched that yet, go do that now and then come back to read this! I also did a blogTV yesterday which was kinda short notice for everyone who isnt following me on twitter and on here so sorry about that! Ill probably be doing another one sometime soon! I also got to pop into Elles blogTV for a little but which was fun!

Yesterday, I went to my cousins apt and we wrote a song. Well, kinda? We wrote like the notes out and the melody but I still need lyrics, so a song is on its way! Get excited!

Today, I have some friends coming into the city for the day which means we're probably gonna do the whole touristy sight seeing thing, which is soo much fun!

A new video will be up sometime this weekend so keep checking for that. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Stay tuned!

Jennifer Lauren

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