Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Beautiful R Pattz! :)

Hey Everyone,

So yesterday after work, I headed straight over to the Plaza Hotel in NYC to see if I could get a glimse of the beautiful Robert Pattinson filming his new movie, "Remember Me". I got there and waiting with a huge crowd for about 10min. Then, as you can see in my clip, he strolled out (more like floated like a vampire across the floor) from the Plaza to his trailer and then back again.

I waited for about an hour but he never came back out and the bachlorette was coming on! Which was a silly ending, but Im glad Kipton is still there!

I posted a new video tonight so everyone go check that out! www.youtube.com/jenniferlaurenmusic.

Also, I wrote my first song and I cant wait to play for you guys, just doing some last min. tweeks!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Stay tuned,


Jennifer Lauren

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